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About Angel S:

Angel S looks through you with those dark soulful eyes and that youthful sweetness soon pulls you into all the sex you could want. Come and get some.

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Fuck, Don't Talk!

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Fantasy about Angel S from philadelphia

ill we like to suck 2 dick at the same time and get fuck so damm hard from one of this guys mmmm :)

Fantasy about Angel S from toledo

I want to suck two hot young Papis.

Fantasy about Angel S from chicopee mass

For him to kiss me in the mouth and give me dick

Fantasy about Angel S from Queens

I want him to take a dump on my chest

Fantasy about Angel S from memphis

I feel your soft lips entwining with mine as we embrace. The energy of the moment sweeping us away to a rising passion building with every touch and every look. However, just as we are about to end this night filled of passion we part with one last loving kiss.

Fantasy about Angel S

Iwant to have a threesome with Angel S and Rated R where they fuck each other and they fuck me. I want to moan like Angel. I want my legs up in the air with Rated R fucking me hard while I scream With pain and pleasure and suck Angel.. I want angel to come on my face and Rated R comes in my mouth. We will be Rated R's bitches all night.

Fantasy about Angel S from New York

I will like to see Angel S and Rabbit together agian and see rabbit take Angel S nice little tight ass and fuck him until he nut on his face

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