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About Roberto Diaz:

He's cute, young, and hung. And as he will point out, "100% Cuban." You got a fantasy about this papi you wanna share with us? Let us know here and now.

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Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Dallas

Haha how I love this, finally in years I get to express how I want my man on screen... It's nothing Spectacular or insane just a simple Weekend well spent... Starts out of course picking you up at the airport in DALLAS ;) ... followed by a trip to home to drop off luggage and all. As you rest up from the trip we converse and I give u the ultimate FULL BODY massage.. THESE HANDS WANT YOU BAD... haha then, we hit the town For Dinner and Beer and a NIGHT out bar hopping! At home we sit and it's not me who CAN'T control, you lose control and your in Ultimate porno star mode... forcing me into bed.. I begin with Some mouth action I NEVER SEEN U RECEIVE ON FILM... this is going to have you solid as a rock! U try to hold back but u can't help it... one of the best nuts u ever had is sitting here with me! ... we fall asleep but wake up shortly ... next thing u know the cops knock at the door, DISTURBING THE NEIGHBORS as u pound my ASS so DEEP into the mattress The Bed breaks!... Then it's so good to where u bring me in and we make a scene because it's THAT DAMN GOOD .... it will be called THE BEST SEX EVER STARRING ROBBIE Nothing major Robby! Just some fun time with probably your NUMBER 1 fan... HOW I WOULD LOVE FOR ALL OF THIS TO ACTUALLY HAPPEN OR EVEN JUST TO COMMUNICATE WITH U!

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from brooklyn, ny

wipe out my dick and fuck him thru my boxers, wouldn't even take the time to take 'em off just get right to it! long hard and deep, til I splatter my cum all over that ass and back!

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Philadelphia

Lick him from head 2 toes...

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Vermont Sq

XXI want to cock slap you,while you stand at attention.

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz


Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Houston

to fuck and lick is ass

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Phila

It's a very hot summer day and Roberto is knocking on my door. He has a package for me. I can't help but to stare at this fuckin hot hung Cuban. I want him. He ask if he could have some ice water. I tell him to sit down and enjoy the air. We start to chat. We make eye contact and I see him lick his lips. Fuck yeah. I'm on the floor unzipping his pants. I pull out his cock and it is a beauty. Thick and uncut. I suck him to his pubes. We strip and I lick him from head to toe. Fuckin hot horny straight man. My man cunt is twitching. We go to the bed. He starts to kiss me deepm snd finger my hot hole. Next thing I know he is sitting on my face telling me to eat his hot hairy sweaty hole and I go for it. Tongue deep in he. Tasting, licking, sucking on his ass. Damn he his hot. Telling to eat his straight asshole. He flips me over and tongue fucks me then he pounds my tight hole hard and deep. Telling me to take it ride him. While he breeds me. Sucking my nips. He rides me for hours. He cums in me then he eats his cums outta my hole on shoves his tongue in my mouth so I can taste his load and my ass. He tells me my hole was nbetter then any pussy he fucked. Love fucking hot latino guys.

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Indianapolis

I love this man I would do whatever he wanted done to him sexually or otherwise. He is beautiful and so masculine. man I wanna marry this man. I love you Roberto Diaz.

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Columbus oh

My fantasy me being his wife and having his kids

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from ny

get fuck and swallow his cum

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from LA

I wanna see this dude get thoroughly eaten out for hours and then finally fucked real hard and humiliatingly. When the dude is eating him out, he should also suck on Roberto's fingers, toes, and chew on his titties and be a real sloppy big about it. The top should also aggressively finger him and put his assed fingers in his own mouth. He should fuck Roberto in every possible position and pull out every now and then to expose, tongue, and hard-slap his crushed cherry and keeeeeeeeep fuckin'. The top should finish by eating out Roberto's ass and jack his load out.

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Bronx

Roberto Diaz is so fucking hot. love a sexy ass latino who can fuck and likes to get his ass eaten out. i wanna lick his sweaty balls and asscrack. i wanna swallow his fucking cum! saw him in a video where he was fucking the shit out of Eddie Diaz, another hot latino. would love to get reamed by that big cuban cigar of his.

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from jaksonville

i would bend him over and give him some gooood daddy diiick

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz

I wanna lay Roberto down naked and lick his ass hole. til he screams and creams

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz

I would be caught staring at him as he is painting my apartment. He throws me to the floor. He takes out his dick and tells me to suck it. He takes off the rest of his clothes and sits on my face and tells me to eat out his ass. He then forces me to take his dick in my hot, wet ass. Just then Nova comes in and sticks his dick in my mouth.

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Washington, DC

I'd like to be touring a city and get turned around, and wonder into an area where there are mostly hispanics. I ask for directions and the ones they give me lead me down a street and I run into Roberto and amile at him trying to ease my tension because he wasnt smiling, and explain to him that I got turned around, and ask him for directions; he said he'll tell me if I'd do him a favor,and I asked what was the favor and he asked did I fool around, and I said no way man, so he texted a few of his buddies, and they seemingly showed up within seconds. One guy pulled up the front of his shirt showing me his gun,I said i'd try it; so he told me to follow him and Roberto. I followed them while the other guys played look out, Roberto whipped out his dick which was a nice size soft, and his buddy whipped out his and a big knot got stuck in my throat. Roberto said suck my dick man, so i put my face to his dick, and he said open yo mouth man so I did that and he put it in my mouth and my mouth got it alittle wet and that monster started swelling up in my mouth so I started really sucking it. His buddy wanted in on the action, so i sucked his dick,then Roberto started playing with my ass hole, then lubbed my hole with his finger, then he started pushing his dichead on my hole while playing with my nipples. He had me turned on so much that my hole relaxed some and opened to het all of his dick in. He started fucking me that I begged him to fuck me, I reached between my legs and squeezed Roberto's balls and massaged between his balls; he squeezed my waist and pulled out and turned me around and shot his thick white creamy nutt all over my face. His buddy then nutted all over my face as well. I was so turned on, that I then nutted. After all that they gave me the correct directions, after heading back I found out that I was just two streets over from where I was trying to get to. It was definitely worth it all

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from crewe

my fantasy iz to suck his dick until he cum in my mouth then he bend me over in fuck 8 diffrent way damn that whould fell good i love big dicks

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Manassas

My fantasy is my legs wrapped around your body while you fuck me over and over again..I get on my knees and suck your big cock until it turns red and blue.

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from fort lauderdale

(he is so sexy,) I would love for him to ride a motorcycle with his back arched ass up in the air showing off the roundness of his ass.Then Ant Nowa shows up on his bike too.a few seconds behind roberto, the two of them already know each other. so they start talking....both guys decided to take off their shirts, because it so hot here in sunny south florida. as they begin to undress (shirts only) they start to feel as if someone else is watching them but they dont see no one.Ant Nowa hears sounds coming from behind the bushes.They both yell come out now or your be sorry. out walks two 6.2" 220lbs black male wanting to rob both guys of these guys of their hot ass bikes.but after getting closer the two guys they now wants something more than just their bike. Then robber notice Roberto's hot body. tells roberto to strip all the way down to his boots.mean while Ant is still in his shorts and boots waiting to see what these two thugs really want. as this is going on the weather is starting to change too. rob is man handle by the thugz. (forced to sumit to these robbers will)Ant Nowa is now forced to undress and service the two the foursome is now in full action the weather starts to get dark and starts to rain too.soon then after the sex gets hard-corexxx.lots fucking , sucking and the sex gets harder and hotter so does the rain but the guys dont caught up in the hot sexy everyone forgets about the robbery and really starts to enjoys thereself. at the end they pair up and ride off into the with (the fuck that saves their life)a new found love.

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Houston

you r super hot!

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from fontana

love to have fun and hang out and get to know eachother on a personality basis

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from raleigh,nc

my fanstasy is he kiss all over mi bodi and grab dick and tell me he loves everytime while hes kissing mi body talking bout our future.babys and fuck mi ass up. ( moans MOANS) AH AH AH OHH

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Auburn

This is a sexy dude I want him to sit on my face so that I can lick that ass and than put my big dick in his mouth so that he gets it so hard and then bend him over and fuck the hell out of this guy. If he is not a bottom he will be when me meets me.

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Minnesota

Wanna lick him all over....lick his ass & have him RAVAGE THE FUCK OUTTA ME!! AWWWH YEAH!! Emmm

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from new orleans

fucked by twins

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from new rochelle

would lov to be his slave, use me anyway he wants, make me do bad things to him, then allow him to rob me,mmmmmmmm

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from texas

2words total package !! Want to be ur love slave!! And make love anytime u want papi chulo!

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from huntsville

Being with someone like that and really enjoying it

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Bronx

I would love to recorded while he fucks me real hardÂ…

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Miami/Nashville

Papi Q RICO, q pingon cubano tan RICO would suck that dick asta sacarte la leche.what sexy dreamy eyes.would love to have you up in my house in the hill of Tn. mamando i singando y comiendote ese culo .

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from cocoa

he is sexy

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Houston

i want him 2 sit on my face then get up in his gut til i bust a gud1 in em!!!!

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz

I just want him deep inside me fuck me gang style and treat me like a bitch

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Highland

ii have way to many fantasies to count for you omg ii love you im a super fan since ii saw u on this sight ur so fucking bomb ii wish ii could marry u lol

Fantasy about Roberto Diaz from Chicago

Would love to see Roberto in a flip-flop bonanza with Favian or maybe Maximo or even better both - Can you imagine it, all three masculine-manly hotties, all /w powerful big dicks takin' turns bareback fuckin each other's holes mercilessly. Each learning on the spot how to take it like a man. None of that wimpy take-it-easy shit, they just go to it fuckin' each other deep like you fuck a woman. They're all deep tongue kissin at the same time. First Maximo fucks Roberto whilst Favian comes behind Maximo & slides that long dick all up in Maximos tight manly ass hole. Then Roberto takes a break from Maximos thick rod & comes around to the rear & bends down behind Favian & spreads Favians buns & sticks his head in Favians ass & licks the hell outta that hole gettin' all juicy wet, then he stands up and his throbbin dick just finds Favians hole & slips right up in deep - the camera also cathin a glimpse of Roberto's wet ass from Maximo's pounding then it moves forward revealing Favian being sandwiched between the two then a shot of Maximo in front w/ that rock-hard dick & you see a stream of semen drippin down to the floor cause they're all so turned on by each other. Eventually they take turns flippin each other in various positions before they jerk off on each other.

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